Roof Mounted Fans

    Fan and ventilator products for commercial, institutional and industrial roof installations.
    Propeller fans suitable for supplying air in clean air applications including factories and warehouses.
    Fans suitable for exhausting in clean air applications including factories and warehouses.
    Axial fans are a cost-effective solution for low to medium pressure applications. This style of fan can be used in warehouses, manufacturing faclities, distribution centers and other industrial spaces. Units are designed to exhaust clean up and away from the roof surface.
    With motors out of the airstream, applications include fume hood or kitchen grease exhaust.
    Belt and direct drive fans discharge air downward and are suitable for applications exhausting relatively clean air.
    Filtered supply fans are designed to provide non-tempered, filtered make-up air in commercial and industrial buildings.

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    Shop Greenheck Roof Mounted Fans

    When you’re looking to buy a new roof mounted fan for your HVAC project, the Greenheck online store can help you select from a wide range of fan and ventilator products for commercial, institutional and industrial roof installations. Available for exhaust and supply applications, these products use two styles of fans: direct drive and belt drive.

    In direct drive configurations, the motor directly controls the rotation of the fan propeller or wheel. The propeller or wheel attaches to the motor shaft and requires less maintenance than a belt drive unit. This style of fan is often used in locations where maintenance access is difficult. Belt driven fans like our Centrifugal Supply line are ideal for filtered supply applications and operate at low sounds levels. Our Centrifugal Upblast and Downblast designs are available in both direct and belt drive configurations, giving your project the flexibility it needs. For a more compact, economical choice, we recommend looking into our direct drive Hooded Axial fans, available in both supply and exhaust configurations.

    As with all Greenheck products, our Roof Mounted Fans come backed by our industry leading warranty, so you can purchase for your HVAC project with peace of mind. If you have further questions about any of our products, our sales and support teams are both ready to assist you. For even more education, visit our robust resources library to educate yourself and your purchasing partners on all Greenheck products for your construction and maintenance needs.

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