AMPLIFY Overhead Fans & Circulators

    Fans that provide improved airflow for enhanced comfort in large spaces.
    Large diameter ceiling fans provide airflow for effective air circulation and enhanced comfort in commercial and industrial spaces.
    Fans that improve working conditions. These fans recirculate air and cool workers in many industrial settings.
    Accessories for Greenheck's high velocity, low speed (HVLS) fans.
    Accessories for mounting air circulators and mobile air circulators.
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    How do you keep the air moving in a large space without several loud fans? Using groups of small fans can create air buffeting which makes it hard to communicate. In addition they take additional electricity which can increase your operational costs. The solution is to use AMPLIFY™ overhead fans for your large space. These HVLS fans are designed to move a high volume of air while their blades move at a low speed. This keeps the air circulating around your building, without excess noise or buffeting, and it keeps your electrical costs low.

    Greenheck’s inventory of overhead fans and Air Circulator products also includes all accessories, controls and mounts you need to get your project off the ground. Perfect for open spaces like your warehouse, hangar, barn, or shop. If you’re not entirely sure where to start we recommend using our CFM Calculator to quickly learn what size fan you will need.

    We have been producing the best quality overhead fan products in the United States since expanding into the market in 2018, using our top tier manufacturing and distribution network which spans the entire continental United States, Mexico, and India. Our HVLS line features the same dedication to quality and performance that we have designed into our products since the 1950s, and we’re certain that your purchase will continue to satisfy for years to come. Our rich history, paired with our industry leading warranty, online resources, and dedicated support are what separate Greenheck from the rest and elevate us to a world leader.

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