Energy Recovery Ventilators

    Fresh air preconditioned using energy recovery.
    The MiniCore uses a total energy core, direct drive fans, and Vari-GreenĀ® electronically commutated motors. Designed for indoor installations, the MiniCore may be mounted in any orientation. The unit features configurable intake and discharge connections. Performance ranges from 150 to 1,000 cfm and up to 1 in. wg.
    The compact design of the MiniVent provides an economical solution for individual spaces, such as school classrooms and small offices. Configurable intake positions allow for floor mounted or ceiling-hung installations. Each unit comes standard with backdraft dampers and optional Vari-GreenĀ® electronically commutated motors. Performance ranges from 150 to 850 cfm and up to 1 in. wg.
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    Energy recovery ventilators provide pre-conditioned fresh outdoor air to meet ASHRAE Standard 62 ventilation rates using recovered energy from the exhaust air stream. The benefits include improved indoor humidity levels, reduced energy costs and lower first cost for air conditioning (due to reduction in outdoor air load).

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