Centrifugal Upblast Exhaust Fan, Product # CUBE-200-10130G3QD-DR2

    Greenheck Product # CUBE-200-10130G3QD-DR2
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    PRODUCT ALERT : New Product SKU
    Product # CUBE-200-10G-3-QD-DR2 has been replaced with CUBE-200-10130G3QD-DR2. The product change is in name only. Form, fit and function remain the same.

    • 30 x 30 inch base with prepunched mounting holes for easy attachment to roof curb
    • 20.5 x 20.5 inch recommended roof opening
    • Roof or wall mountable


    • AMCA Sound & Air
    • High Wind and Hurricane
    • Seismic
    • UL/cUL 762
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    Product Description

    Model CUBE is an aluminum exhaust fan specifically designed for roof or sidewall mounted applications where contaminated or grease laden exhaust air can be discharged directly upward, away from the roof or wall surface. The fans feature a one piece windband continuously welded to curb cap and double studded isolators for true vibration isolation. Ideal for new installations or for retrofit, replacement applications. Curb adapters and reducers available to eliminate the need to field fabricate transitions when there is an existing roof curb.

    • Centrifugal wheel provides high-efficiency and minimal sound
    • One-piece aluminum windband with rolled bead provides extra rigidity
    • Cooling fins located on top of fan wheel draw outside air through a large breather tube directly into the motor compartment extending motor life
    • Windband is continually welded to the curb cap and drain trough for leakproof construction
    • Machine cast pulleys are adjustable for final system balancing
    • Permanent embossed aluminum nameplate for exact model and serial number identification
    • Motor, belt and pulleys shipped loose for field assembly
    California Residents - Prop 65 Warning