Square Centrifugal Inline Fan, Product # BSQ-70-4X-QD

    Greenheck Product # BSQ-70-4X-QD
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    • 11.875 x 11.875 inch inlet width x height
    • 11.875 x 11.875 inch outlet width x height
    • Horizontal or vertical mounting


    • AMCA Sound & Air
    • UL/cUL 705
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    Product Description

    Model BSQ centrifugal inline fan features a unique combination of installation flexibility, rugged construction, ease of service, high efficiency and low sound levels. These compact fans are the ideal selection for indoor clean air applications including intake, exhaust, return or make-up air systems where space is a prime consideration. The square housing design eliminates the need for square-to-round transitions, reducing installation costs. With straight-thru airflow, system designers also have flexibility to mount the BSQ in any configuration - horizontal, vertical or at any angle.

    • Removable access panels allow easy access to all interior components
    • Aluminum, centrifugal wheel delivers maximum efficiency
    • Inlet and discharge duct collars allow for easy duct connection
    • Rigid, galvanized steel housing construction
    • Factory tested bearings designed specifically for air handling applications with a minimum L₁₀ life in excess of 100,000 hours
    • Permanent embossed aluminum nameplate for exact model and serial number identification
    California Residents - Prop 65 Warning