Bathroom Exhaust Fan, Constant CFM with Motion and Humidity Grille, Model SP-A90-130MH, Vari-Green EC Motor, 115V, 1Ph, 90-130 CFM

    Greenheck Product # SP-A90-130MH-VG-QD
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    • Energy efficient Vari-Green motor
    • ENERGY STAR rated
    • Industry-leading low sound levels
    • Units operate at a constant cfm up to 0.875 in. wg. and provides continuous or intermittent ventilation while maintaining extremely low sound levels
    • Motion and humidity grille included


    • AMCA por su rendimiento de aire y sonido
    • Certificación UL/cUL 507
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    Product Description

    The SP-A90-130MH-VG-QD is a motion and humidity sensing, ENERGY STAR® certified bathroom exhaust fan featuring a Vari-Green, EC motor allowing for increased energy savings. This fan is capable of operating at a constant CFM up to 0.875 in. wg, providing continuous or intermittent ventilation while maintaining extremely low sound levels. ENERGY STAR® rated bathroom fans utilize 70% less energy than a stand fan, saving on energy costs. The integral motion and humidity sensors automatically detects excess humidity or motion in your space, turning the bathroom fan on ensuring the moisture is properly vented. Motion and humidty sensing bathroom fans are ideal for residential or commerical bathrooms.

    Ultra-efficient features

    In addition to the core fan efficiency of the SP-A90-130, the motion and humidity sensors included with this fan create the gold standard for bathroom fan efficiency. These features provide a low-cost way to save money on energy bills and ensure the fan is only working when it needs to.

    Vari-Green Motor

    Greenheck’s Vari-Green (VG) Electronically Commutated (EC) motor combines motor technology, controllability and energy-efficiency into one single low maintenance unit and is the industry's first fully controllable motor. The EC motor operates on AC power that is converted to DC – providing more efficient motor operation as compared to an AC operation. The controllability of the Vari-Green motor allows communication compatibility with a variable volume system. This allows speed adjustment of the motor to meet the needs of the system to exhaust air as needed and reduce overexhausting conditioned air.

    About ENERGY STAR®

    ENERGY STAR® is a market-based partnership formed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency and make it easier for consumers to identify energy-efficient products that offer savings, performance, features, and comfort.

    To earn the ENERGY STAR label, products must meet strict energyefficient standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for energy consumption, air and sound performance.

    California Residents - Prop 65 Warning